Bishop of Norwich Graham James celebrates 10 years in post, and talks about changes in that time and hopes for future .; Photo:Sonya Duncan; Copy:; For: EDP; EDP pics © 2010; (01603) 772434

Archbishop of Canterbury appointment is ‘a weight off my shoulders’ – Bishop of Norwich

Friday, November 9, 2012
5.25 PM

The new Archbishop of Canterbury has been congratulated on his appointment by the Bishop of Norwich, who had been one of the contenders for the post.

In an interview with the EDP, the Rt Revd Graham James describes the end to months of speculation as “a weight off my shoulders”, and explains he would have been reluctant to leave Norfolk had he been given the job.

The Rt Revd Justin Welby was today named as the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury, and the successor to Rowan Wiliams.

Bishop James said: “I am delighted at the appointment of Bishop Welby. I know Justin pretty well and I hope he feels the leap of joy that would have been missing had I been appointed.”

For the full interview, see tomorrow’s Eastern Daily Press.