One minute everything was calm, the next water was rushing towards us.

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Chaos had descended on Lowestoft and I was in the thick of it.

At hourly intervals on Thursday evening, I wandered to the front and back windows of my boyfriend’s flat on Marine Parade, over-looking the seafront. The sea looked a little rougher than usual and was definitely much higher, but at this point I thought we were safe.

Within 20 minutes everything had changed. Water was rushing down London Road South by Hollywood Cinema behind the house and Belvedere Road by Asda was completely under water.

Panic set in. It was time to stop taking photographs and start thinking about getting out. Water was beginning to surround my car and my escape route was fading fast. Luckily my boyfriend kept his calm and guided me up the pavement, through the water and down an alley to safety.

But the night wasn’t over. In the panic we had left the lights and television on, and there were still some boxes containing sentimental items downstairs that needed saving.

By the time he made it back, water was spraying through the sides of the back door and the hallway was starting to fill up. The water level was rising quickly and left a matter of minutes to save anything until it was creeping up the stairs.

That was the end until yesterday morning when we returned to face the devastation.

Although the water had gone, a muddy, soggy mess had been left behind and we had no electricity.

For a while it didn’t seem like it was really happening. Now the reality is that the ground floor needs to be completely cleared out, dried and cleaned before anyone could even think of living there.

It really is a sad situation, but the most important thing is we lived to tell the tale.




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