42 facts about 42 of Norwich’s GoGoDragons!

PUBLISHED: 07:00 03 August 2015

GoGoDragon! Bling. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

GoGoDragon! Bling. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY


GoGoDragons! are almost everywhere you look in Norwich this summer, and each one is a unique work of art. In the first of a two-part series about the 84 colourful characters in Break’s charity art trail, arts correspondent EMMA KNIGHTS gives a snapshot of 42 of the dragons’ stories.

GoGoMadder outside the Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich. Photo: Steve Adams. GoGoMadder outside the Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich. Photo: Steve Adams.

1. The Rise and Demise of the Dinosaurs, in Millennium Plain, looks at the link between dinosaur bones and dragon mythology in ancient times. One side is dark and depicts the extinction of dinosaurs while the other side is more colourful and shows them in their prime.

(Artist Will Adams, Sponsor Dinosaur Adventure)

2. McFly, outside City Hall, is based on time traveller Marty McFly from the Back to the Future films and is equipped with his very own hover board and flux capacitor.

GoGoDragon! Norvica Sarafina.
Picture by SIMON FINLAY. GoGoDragon! Norvica Sarafina. Picture by SIMON FINLAY.

(Artist Suzi Ovens, Sponsor Aspiration Europe)

3. Sunbeam, in St Giles Street, is inspired by the Asian sunbeam snake which has iridescent scales and the dragon has a golden egg cradled in its tail.

(Artist Raymond Noakes, Sponsor Zing Insights)

GoGoDragon! Oakley. Picture by SIMON FINLAY. GoGoDragon! Oakley. Picture by SIMON FINLAY.

4. Ascalon, outside the Guildhall, is decorated in a flint design inspired by the historic building he stands next to.

(Artist Kate Munro and Equal Lives Youth Forum, Sponsor Alan Boswell Group)

GoGoDragon! Gloria the Garden Dragon.
 Picture by SIMON FINLAY. GoGoDragon! Gloria the Garden Dragon. Picture by SIMON FINLAY.

5. Gorgeous George the Beast of Beeston, on Gaol Hill, is a patriotic creature, flying the flag for holidays in the UK. He features no fewer than five Union flags, including one on each eye.

(Artist Samuel Thomas, Sponsor The Beeston Group)

6. Norwich Twilight, in Norwich Market, captures the splendour of city landmarks under a starlit sky.

GoGoDragon! NOD. Picture by SIMON FINLAY. GoGoDragon! NOD. Picture by SIMON FINLAY.

(Artist Phil Daniels, Sponsor Norwich BID)

7. Bling, in Norwich Market, sparkles with about 22,000 rhinestones carefully stuck on with 21 tubes of glue.

(Artist Martin Wall, Sponsor TW Gaze).

GoGoDragon! Dragle. 
Picture by SIMON FINLAY. GoGoDragon! Dragle. Picture by SIMON FINLAY.

8. Child’s Play, inside Jarrold department store, is inspired by classic children’s toys including an Etch A Sketch which features a drawing of a dragon.

(Artist Sophie Green, Sponsor Jarrold)

GoGoDragon! Drewscilla Dragon. Picture by SIMON FINLAY. GoGoDragon! Drewscilla Dragon. Picture by SIMON FINLAY.

9. Sabra, in St Benedict’s Street, is inspired by the medieval wall painting of St George and the Dragon in St Gregory’s Church.

(Artist Maz Jackson with HART, Sponsor Alan Boswell Group)

10. Flambeau, in Upper St Giles, is perhaps the most fiery GoGoDragon! as she is decorated in flames.

GoGoDragon! Sprite Snap.
 Picture by SIMON FINLAY. GoGoDragon! Sprite Snap. Picture by SIMON FINLAY.

(Artist Cat Finlayson, Sponsor Norwich Gas Centre)

11. Dragon Heart of Norfolk, in the Cathedral of St John the Baptist, features 56 different images of the county’s flora, fauna and landscapes, and includes images of Norwich and Norfolk’s towns.

(Artist Teresa Hill, Sponsor APR Telecoms)

GoGoDragon! The Dragtabulous Delores.
 Picture by SIMON FINLAY. GoGoDragon! The Dragtabulous Delores. Picture by SIMON FINLAY.

12. Storr Hiroa, in Somerley, Unthank Road, means ‘great care’ in Old Norse language. She represents the beauty and serenity of Norfolk’s landscapes and features an array of flowers and butterflies.

(Artist Alex Egan, Sponsor Norse Group)

13. Webby, at Websters in Unthank Road, is covered in an intricate illustration of Norwich with more than 50 dragons and dragon eggs to be found in the hand-drawn city.

(Artist Beverley Gene Coraldean, Sponsor Websters estate agents)

14. The Queen of Norwich, in Little Bethel Street, is based on the idea of Pakistani Truck Art. She has her name written in Urdu on her side 
and also the phrase ‘Look at me, but with love.’

(Artist ERM CIC with SADACC and the UEA Pakistani Society, Sponsor intu Chapelfield)

15. GoGoMadder, at the Maddermarket Theatre, features 34 Shakespeare plays and has a sonnet tucked into the front of 
his shirt. He highlights the city theatre’s links to the Bard.

(Artist John Stokes, Sponsor Maddermarket Theatre)

16. GoGoSteggles, at Steggles Larner in Charing Cross, is based on a Japanese legend about a 
fisherman who rescues a turtle and is rewarded with a visit to the palace of the Dragon God.

(Artists Claire Francis Smith, Bradley Tooke, Sarah Gates, Sponsor Steggles Larner).

17. Argon, at St John Maddermarket, is inspired by all the wonderful stained glass found in churches across Norfolk.

(Artist ERM CIC with 
The Common 
Room Collective, Sponsor 

18. Maestro, at Wharf Academy, Oak Street, features a visual timeline of the Church of St Martin at Oak and composers of the time. He may also sing when you walk past.

(Artist Jim Goreham with Wharf Academy, Sponsor Nuture Financial Planning Ltd)

19. Gloria the Garden Dragon, at 
St George’s Church, Colegate, features a frog, dove, robin, owl, blue tit, kingfisher, two dragonflies, five bees, four butterflies, three 
ladybirds, 10 trees, 130 flowers and 15 fruit.

(Artist Jo Cane, Sponsor The Norwich Over The Water Group)

20. Wellington, at Brown & Co, in 
St George’s Street, is colourfully 
decorated with about 300 little 
creatures including caterpillars, worms, spiders, bees, snails, 
butterflies, ladybirds and a robin wearing wellington boots.

(Artist Hilary Sanderson, Sponsor Brown & Co)

21. NOD (No Ordinary Dragon), at St George’s Green, features quotes from the four authors that Jane Austen College’s houses are named after – Shakespeare, Thackeray, Chaucer and Eliot – and makes reference to the school building once being a 
shoe factory.

(Artist Jane Austen College pupils, Sponsor Jane Austen College)

22. Sprite Snap, in St Augustine’s Street, is based on the The Sprite Sisters books by Sheridan Winn. 
The compass in his tail represents each of the four Sprite Sister powers – earth, water, air and fire.

(Artist Beverley Gene Coraldean, Sponsor Coleman Opticians)

23. Wish You Were Here, at Norwich International airport, is decorated in colourful illustrations of Amsterdam, Edinburgh and other places you can fly to from Norwich.

(Artist Paul Jackson, Sponsor Norwich International airport)

24. Fun at the Seaside, at Norwich International airport, was inspired by the Norfolk coast and features places such as Holkham Pinewoods, Wells Beach, Cley Mill, Wells Quay, West Runton Cliffs and Happisburgh Lighthouse.

(Artist Hazel Ashley, Sponsor Aylmerton Field Study Centre)

25. VroomVroom, in Delft Way, is said to be able to travel from zero to 60mph in a beat of his wings. The design on his chest is influenced by the Toyota Mirai, and the red, white and black pattern on his scales was inspired by the patterns found on milk snakes.

(Artist Matt Reeve, Sponsor Dingles Motor Group)

26. The Dragtabulous Delores, in Holiday In Norwich North, was inspired by the Norwich Pride Parade and sports copious amounts of glitter, feathers and a pair of funky shoes.

(Artist Sally Adams, Sponsor Holiday Inn Norwich North)

27. Spidy, at Hollywood Cinema, Anglia Square, is inspired by the superhero Spiderman and has extra flame powers!

(Artist Hilary Sanderson, Sponsor Hollywood Cinema)

28. Fun Square, in Anglia Square, has a colourful design which was inspired by children at school.

(Artist Laura Moore, Sponsor Anglia Square Shopping Centre)

29. Draco, on Fye Bridge, was named after the Latin name for dragon and a constellation in the sky. He also glows 
in the dark.

(Artist Illona Clarke, Sponsor Chilled Driving School)

30. GoGoHoratio, close to Quayside, is a tribute to Norfolk naval hero Horatio Nelson. 
He wears six medals 
in total.

(Artist Ryan Newell, Sponsor Signs Express)

31. Steam – The Clockwork Dragon, in Palace Street, is influenced by Steam Punk and is a futuristic fusion of antique clockwork and aircraft engineering.

(Artist Mik Richardson, Sponsor Product Resolutions)

32. Crypto, outside Norwich Puppet Theatre, is inspired by the myth of the Pockthorpe Dragon said to live in the crypt of St James Church which houses Norwich Puppet Theatre. Inside Crypto is a mini Snap dragon.

(Artist Tin House with SureStart, Sponsor intu Chapelfield)

33. Oakley, in St James Place, has been painted with about 10 pots of paint and appears to have been carved out of a tree in an enchanted forest. Real moss is incorporated into the design of Oakley’s eyes and legs.

(Artist Mandii Pope, Sponsor Joinery Yard)

34. Drewscilla Dragon, in The Great Hospital, features wildlife found on the Norfolk Broads including a swallowtail butterfly, Norfolk hawker dragonfly, marsh harrier and bittern. Signalling flags on a yacht also spell GoGoDragons! 2015.

(Artist Julia Allum, Sponsor Butcher Andrews)

35. Dragle, in Fatso’s, Norwich, is inspired by the bald eagle, the national bird of America.

(Artist Deven Bhurke, Sponsor Fatso’s Norwich)

36. Stormy, in Castle Carvery, Racecourse, in Salhouse Road, sees the stories of Star Wars and The Hobbit collide. Dressed in the armour of a Stormtrooper, Stormy has the face of Smaug, the dragon from JR Tolkien’s classic novel, and he has left Middle Earth behind to explore a galaxy far, far away.

(Artist Mandii Pope, Sponsor Castle Carvery)

37. Birdie, in Bishop Bridge, was initially inspired by the dawn chorus and is decorated with an array of leaves, grasses and birds.

(Artist Alex Egan, Sponsor Smartshop)

38. RaptorsFire, at Pulls Ferry, explores the evolutionary link between prehistoric raptors and modern day birds of prey.

(Artist Jessica Copping, Sponsor Cooks Blinds & Shutters Ltd)

39. Daisy the Dragon, in Cathedral Close, is inspired by hedgerows in the British countryside and features an array of wildlife.

(Artist Bridget Parsons, Sponsor Copy IT Digital Solutions)

40. Norvica Seraphina, in Cathedral Close, means the fiery Norvicensian (the name for former Norwich School pupils) and is decorated with more than 1,000 scales created using the thumb and fingerprints of pupils and staff at Norwich School.

(Artist and Sponsor is Norwich School)

41. Cavell, in Tombland, is 
decorated in bright and striking images of Norfolk – ranging from Norwich Cathedral to the coast - and she is painted in a Pop Art style.

(Artist Samuel Thomas, Sponsor Almary Green and Aspiration Europe)

42. GoGoMosaic, in Tombland, is adorned in pieces from five large mirrors, mirror tiles, bone china cups and plates, old jewellery, cutlery and other recycled material.

(Artist Carolyn Ash, Sponsor Leathes Prior Solicitors)

There are 84 decorated dragons in the GoGoDragons! charity art trail brought to Norwich by children’s charity Break and Wild in Art. More facts about the other 42 dragons will be in next Monday’s paper. 
The GoGoDragons! trail is in Norwich until September 5. 
Free trail maps are available across the city. 
The 84 dragons will be auctioned at The Forum on October 1 to raise funds for Break.
For more dragons news, visit

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