Dick Palmer in the massive building at Yarefield Park which will house the Norfolk university technical collge, due to open in September 2014.  Photo: Bill Smith

Proposed Norfolk engineering college to offer new bus route for Tuckswood residents

Friday, February 15, 2013
6.30 AM

People living near a planned engineering college will receive a new bus service into the city centre if the designs are approved.

Officials behind the Norfolk University Technical College, proposed to be at Yarefield Park in Oldhall Road, say they have held talks with Anglian Buses to secure a route for their pupils.

And they told Norwich city councillors this service would visit Maid Marian Road and the Tuckswood area, run throughout the day and offer a route to the city centre and train station.

College officials presented a pre-application briefing at City Hall yesterday, and stated the site will welcome up to 600 students aged between 14 and 18.

They said the number of parking spaces will be reduced from 125 to 32, with the aim to make an agreement with Norfolk County Council to use part of Harford park and ride.

The college aims to open by September 2014, work with 20 employers including Lotus, and states it will train 150 skilled engineers a year.

Dick Palmer, chief executive of the Transforming Education in Norfolk federation, which the college is part of, told councillors: “There are hundreds of jobs that Norwich people, young people, should be getting and our youth unemployment is some of the highest we have ever seen. This mis-match between what our employers need and what our education system is delivering, we are hoping this can address that.”

Paul Neale, a Green Party councillor, said: “I am so pleased this long overdue concept is coming forward.”

Labour councillor Keith Driver added: “A new bus service through Tuckswood estate sounds fantastic.”