Pressure on for investment in East Anglia’s railways as blueprint is launched to put train services back on track

Managing Director of Greater Anglia Ruud Haket is getting behind the rail blueprint.

Managing Director of Greater Anglia Ruud Haket is getting behind the rail blueprint.

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A blueprint for the future of the region’s rail services is today unveiled in a manifesto which calls for massive investment in the Norwich to London line.

The manifesto, called Once in a generation - A rail prospectus for East Anglia, puts forward the case for faster trains, more track, and better stations.

It warns our trains are “not fit for purpose” with decades of under-investment in the east of England’s rail network threatening our economic future.

The blueprint comes two days after a damning survey showed Greater Anglia passengers were the most disgruntled in the country, rating the service bottom in the UK for reliability and value for money.

The launch today marks the start of an important week for the region’s rail services with a debate on East Anglia’s network due to take place in Parliament tomorrow.

On Wednesday MPs from the east of England will meet with transport secretary Justine Greening to once again make the case for investment in our tracks.

Norwich North MP Chloe Smith said: “East Anglia’s rail needs long term improvement and we make reasonable asks.

“We think we can secure improvements over the long term, starting through this united front.

“It is a once in a generation chance to make the case and make it big.”

Published by the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and supported by councils, chambers of commerce and MPs across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex, the manifesto warns of the “critical need” for investment in our tracks.

It calls for:

•The Ely North Junction to be upgraded to increase the frequency of trains between King’s Lynn and London, and Norwich and Cambridge.

•Increasing track speeds so trains can run at 110mph

•Increased track and platform capacity at Norwich and Ipswich stations

•New trains on the Norwich to London line, with a complete refurbishment of the rolling stock

•A third track north of Chelmsford which will cut journey times between Norwich and the capital

Elizabeth Truss, MP for South West Norfolk, said: “Infrastructure is key to the future prosperity of the British economy.

“Investment in our rail networks will put the UK on the right tracks for growth and job creation.”

The manifesto also outlines the case for longer term priorities for 2019 to 2032, including the electrification of lines on the Norwich to Cambridge route, faster journey times between Norwich and Diss and an east to west service between Oxford and Cambridge, which would then link to Norwich.

Increasing train speeds to 110mph would cut journey times from London to Diss to 80 minutes, and Norwich in 90 minutes, which has been the subject of a high-profile Norwich in 90 campaign.

It is not just the main line that the LEP is concerned about.

The manifesto also looks at major improvements to rural and cross-country lines.

It wants services to run at least every 30 minutes and trains travelling a minimum of 75mph on branch lines.

George Freeman, MP for Mid Norfolk, said: “Fast rail links are vital to our region’s prospects.

“For too long East Anglia has been used by London as a dumping ground for housing without the necessary infrastructure or jobs.

“The Government has unlocked £20 billion for infrastructure - this is our opportunity.”

The manifesto is also being supported by Greater Anglia, which wants urgent investment in the rail infrastructure.

Managing director Ruud Haket said: “Many of the key decisions taken by the government affecting rail investment - both via Network Rail and through the specification and funding of the next Greater Anglia franchise - will be taken in the next couple of years, so now is the time for all of us who care about the region’s railways and its wider prosperity, to make the compelling case for rail investment in East Anglia.”

The manifesto also calls for improvements to the Bittern Line serving the north Norfolk coast.

North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb said: “We are victims in the east of chronic under investment and neglect. We are paying the price for that.”

The manifesto is launched on the day Labour is set to back a separate report which calls for the rail network to be brought back under public control.


  • With you on that V -second largest urban area in Norfolk and a station with no car parking worth talking about, all the through trains long gone, some poor connection times and Sunday first trains too late to be any good to anyone wanting to go any distance. I suspect frequency may be down to the line but didn't there used to be more trains via Reedham making more trains in total? And as for getting anywhere other than London- rolling stock best fitted for short commuter journeys than cross country to Manchester is not on really. Completely miserable changing from an East Coast line train to get on a crowded box bound for Norwich.

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    Daisy Roots

    Monday, July 2, 2012

  • Could start by repairing the shutter door at Yarmouth station broken for two weeks now or replacing the wooden shelter that blew away at berney arms or the letters that make up Lowestoft name on the station missing for weeks list goes on.

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    Glenn Rivett

    Monday, July 2, 2012

  • Is electrification of the Norwich Ely section the best use of funds was the service not more reliable before electrification? As a teenager I remember there were daily trains from London - Norwich VI Tottenham hail Cambridge Ely, is lack of flexibility in routing all Norwich trains through Ipswich a issue. how long a go was it that crown point Norwich was supplied with bran new rolling stock rather than expired cast off from the London Scotland routes. good on our mps for talking about plans for the future lets hope that its more than hot air.

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    k day

    Monday, July 2, 2012

  • Better to use the money earmarked for the High Speed rail to Birmingham on this than waste it on that.

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    Monday, July 2, 2012

  • Of course the Norfolk and Suffolk mp's want to get action on this, that way they are hoping to get to London quicker so that they can get to their cosy offices.

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    Monday, July 2, 2012

  • Too late,the railways were trashed by short sighted politicians many years ago.The wholesale ripping up of lines and the inadequacy of the road system ensured that East Anglia will always be in the economic doldrums. The only hope is restoration of the King's Lynn Hunstanton line, and the line from East Dereham to Lynn,among others but this of course will never happen! The '60's were a decade of destruction from which the country has never recovered.

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    Harry Rabinowitz

    Monday, July 2, 2012

  • .....and Brandon Lewis's stance on getting a better rail service between Norwich & Yarmouth is ......?????????????

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    Monday, July 2, 2012

  • As long as I don't have to pay more tax to support a service I don't use ......

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    Monday, July 2, 2012

  • Why is the tax payer being asked to stump up for capital expenditure projects in the private sector? Since 1993, thanks to the Tories, Britain's railways have been private firms. Yet any improvemnt to the service has to be paid for by hard-pressed tax payers. Time to re-nationalise the railways, if they can't operate without public handouts. No more "socialism for the rich."

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    Paul Cunningham

    Monday, July 2, 2012

  • slow news day monday . the mps have started talking about our trains again what a shame it is all hot air . still i suppose it keeps people distracted from the mess they are making with our economy

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    Monday, July 2, 2012

  • All that noise from the Lib Dems recently about wanting to improve the Sheringham to Norwich line but no inclusion of it in these plans. Why isn't Norman Lamb representing us?

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    Monday, July 2, 2012

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