Premium Peugeot 407 big on refinement

PUBLISHED: 17:37 30 January 2014 | UPDATED: 17:37 30 January 2014

Peugeot 407 saloon offers a refined upmarket driving experience and a fine range of turbo diesel and petrol engines.

Peugeot 407 saloon offers a refined upmarket driving experience and a fine range of turbo diesel and petrol engines.


Peugeot’s 407 saloon offers refined and comfortable motoring and a great selection of frugal, willing turbo diesels.

Used Car: Peugeot 407 saloon (2004-11)

Engines – There’s one thing you can rely on Peugeot getting right and that’s its range of diesel engines. A good selection of frugal, refined and willing units were offered with the 407. If you plan on towing anything, this is the way to go. Alternatively, less demanding and low-mileage drivers won’t be disappointed by the smooth petrol offerings.

Exterior – Opting to stay with the saloon format of its predecessor, the 407 boasts a long nose, large cabin and short, stubby boot. That said, the car’s trunk is capable of swallowing a large amount of stuff. At the front the 407 was one of the first Peugeots to adopt the then
new corporate ‘face’ that’s since become a familiar sight on the roads today.

Interior – Keen to appeal to buyers seeking an upmarket experience, Peugeot designed the 407’s interior with a heavy bias towards refinement. Plush seats and premium-level trim do much to position the car alongside the likes of Honda’s Accord and Volkswagen’s Passat. Despite the car’s size, rear legroom is only average though.

Driving – Along with the premium cabin ambience, Peugeot’s 407 is very much biased towards comfort and refinement when on the move. This is no sports car – the engine choice reflects this – but it’s a swift, engaging and relaxing experience for anyone seeking a low-cost alternative to more costly German models.

Ownership – A deceptively large car, make sure there’s enough room in your garage. Also, the 407’s long bonnet can make parking tricky. The big Peugeot is easy to live with – front cabin and load space is good and it’s not a difficult car to drive.

What to look for – Bought by a wide variety of drivers, private and business, high-mileage company cars are common but if supported by a solid service history should be fine. A test drive is essential to ensure everything works and there are no rattles, clunks or unusual behaviour to spoil the purchase. Parking dents and excessively kerbed wheels should be avoided.

Model history – 2004, Peugeot launches all-new 407 saloon to replace 406. Greater emphasis on refinement and comfort, and revised economical HDi turbo diesel engines to partner the petrol alternatives. And SW estate is also available. Generous levels of standard equipment across the range including safety kit, plus a useful choice of optional cost extras.

Reasons to buy – Plenty of choice, refined driving experience, diesel engine economy.

Reasons to beware – Used-and-abused high-mileage models, entry-level petrol variants.

Pick of the range – 407 1.6 HDI SE 110.

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