Permanent plans for Bungay one-way system on show

09:50 21 February 2013

Plans for the development of the Bungay one-way system are on display at the Fisher Theatre.

John and Sylvia Krugers looking at the new plans.

Plans for the development of the Bungay one-way system are on display at the Fisher Theatre. John and Sylvia Krugers looking at the new plans.

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Permanent plans for a one-way system in Bungay have been unveiled.

An exhibition at the town’s Fisher Theatre has shown detailed plans to illustrate the differences between the current temporary system and the proposed final system.

The county council’s rights of way committee is due to make a recommendation in June, but members of the public were being given an opportunity to give their feedback.

Town mayor Terry Reeve said the first morning had been busy with plenty of discussions.

“These days are not about whether or not it should go ahead, but showing what it can look like if it becomes permanent,” he said

As part of the scheme the council is hoping to introduce a new 20mph zone and restricted parking zone.

The scheme has caused controversy with the Bungay traffic scheme opposition group campaigning against it and calling for the money to be spent elsewhere.

The exhibition will continue today from 11am to 7pm today and Thursday, 11am to 3pm on Friday and 10am to 2pm on Saturday.

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1 comment

  • Right pease bare with me here, ive been and seen the plansd today and yes it looks very pretty, nice pictures with no lorrys trundling down it . please have a look, you will notice the pavements and road are all the same levels. there is no kerb, there is also no crossings except courtesy crossings so you have to hope you have a nice lorry driver that is going to stop for you, and yes artic's hgv's etc will still be using it just the same as now, and you will also notice the crossing outside the school is removed and these children now have to get off the bus the oppsoite side of the school and cross a road with no crossing, and all this was supposed to make it safer for children i dont know how you all feel but to me this looks a lot more dangerous then what we have now, a hell of a lot more. when they said they was going to do this exibition to show what it looked like i thought oooooooooo happen we will all be proved wrong but oh my god, how stupid are these people, its a death trap, ... a part of me realy wanted me to be wrong and i would gladly of got behnd it but it is not going to make anything anymore safer it is doing the oppsoite, its a complet waste of money, a lot more could of been done with less money, senarios for you here, please answer, im allways into a discusion and im not having a rant i am just saying it like it is. 1) if trinity street is closed, accident roadworks, water mains etc, how does the traffic get into bungay to shop up near the library etc ? ??? ih yes it can go streight down bridge street and off to harleston 2) you are walking up st marys street with your children truck comes trundling down like they do every few seconds, there is no kerbs, do you feel safe ? 3) again as above you are walking down st marys street some idiot as ilegaly parked like they do now, this wont change, car or lorry comes towards you, do you think they will not drive onto the pavement area that is the same level as the road or do you think he will wait untill the cars done hos shopping and gone, ??? 4) who is going to police this we was told no money for a traffic warden, by the looks of it it will need a hell of a lot more enforcing then now. i was told today by a councilor it woulod be our job to report any ilegal parked cars to the police we have to get there number and go streight to the police station, if i spent my day doing this how do i actualy do any work, there 100's everyday parked ilegal in bungay , another point is the dotted areas if you look carefully on st marys street state these will be done if money is available, this means its not going to be done now, what you see in the plans is not what you are going to get

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    Craig Trickett

    Thursday, February 21, 2013

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