Funding for Norfolk A47 ‘bottleneck’ roundabout

PUBLISHED: 06:30 08 October 2012 | UPDATED: 09:44 08 October 2012

£1.3m will pay to upgrade the Honingham roundabout on the A47

£1.3m will pay to upgrade the Honingham roundabout on the A47

Archant 2011

The Department for Transport will bring forward over a million pounds in a bid to unlock a key traffic bottle neck near Norwich.

Where the rest of the money will go in the East of England

-Widening the A14 in Cambridgeshire between junctions 31 and 32.

-Converting a hard shoulder to a running lane along the A1(M) junction 6 northbound at Welwyn, Hertfordshire

-Installing Black Cat part-time signals along the A1 at Chawston, Bedfordshire

-Improving road markings and increasing road signs at the A1/A47 Wansford junction, Peterborough

-Widening the A120 Galleys Corner roundabout

In total £1.3m will be provided to upgrade the A47 Honingham roundabout expressway in between the city and Dereham,

Changes will see congestion reduced through the construction of an eastbound express lane, allowing traffic to bypass the roundabout.

Officials in Whitehall said the decision would support several development sites in the area, and was anticipated to help generate 1,355 jobs and 1,200 homes by 2020.

The announcement, part of a £170m package of road improvements across the country, was made yesterday as ministers gathered in Birmingham for the Conservative Party conference.

The prime minister told the EDP: “These are good schemes that will help create jobs and get Britain moving.”

Work is expected to start on the upgrade in 2013 and expected to end the following year.

Meanwhile Mid Norfolk MP George Freeman said: “Like so much of Norfolk’s infrastructure, the A47, key cross county trunk road, has for too long been neglected, and is a daily source of misery, delays, congestion, cost and too often sadly dangerous road accidents.

“I am delighted that the representations that I and local councillors have been making have been heard by Government, and that this key A47 bottleneck is being tackled. This is good news for all of us who live locally and use the A47, as well as for the wider Norfolk economy.”

James Joyce, Norfolk County Councillor for Honingham, said: “I welcome it. The roundabout was put there for a specific reason - for safety after tragic accidents. Anything that can make it better is really great.”

Honingham parish council chairman Brian Winchester said: “I would prefer them to dual the bit between Easton and North Tuddenham.”


  • Free public transport in old age should come with a pledge to vacate the roads. the pressure on our roads are there because we decline to use our rail infrastructure for anything else but passenger transport, we have eroded our rail facilities to such extent that it has become not viable. I suggest to people to leave ten minutes earlier, rather than spending precious money on unsustainable practises

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    ingo wagenknecht

    Monday, October 8, 2012

  • If ever there was an example of chucking good money after bad this is it. There would not be bottlenecks if some fool had not approved a terribly badly designed roundabout. Take the roundabout out completely, it never should have been there in the first place, and put a 30mph speed limit on the A47 at that point and an improved junction to serve the Mattishall Road. The junction at Berrys Wood Lanes is just as dangerous as are several on the A47 between Lynn and Yarmouth. NCC should be ashamed for not putting the dualling of the A47 especially between Norwich and Dereham at the top of their campaigning list instead of worrying about how the Honingham -Easton stretch would affect their own pet project of the NDR

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    Daisy Roots

    Monday, October 8, 2012

  • Quite amazing to see the MP claim credit when it's his party cutting public expenditure to the bone.

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    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

  • The millions of pounds wasted on inquiries and surveys over many years and various attempts to make this junction safe would have easily funded the dualling of this road from Easton to North Tuddenham. I believe that the proposed improvements will be dangerous with traffic from Mattishall having to merge with the fast A47 traffic approaching from behind them on the left of their vehicle. This will solve nothing as if traffic was speeded up at this roundabout at rush hour they would be queued to Easton anyway just as they were before the roundabout was there. The only answer is dualling. I have just been up to Tyneside and there are roads there dualled that take less traffic during the day than the A47 takes during the middle of the night. The A47 is a bodge-up, all done piecemeal with little thought, sections of single carriageway interspersed with dual carriageway. If a road needs just one section of dual carriageway the whole road needs it, as it carries the same traffic. Why stop a decent piece of road at Easton as 99% the traffic there will travel through Honingham to North Tuddenham on that dreadful single carriageway road

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    mike smith

    Monday, October 8, 2012

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