Cones will now be off the road during peak hours

Council apology after A146 roadworks cause delays

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
11.06 AM

Norfolk County Council has apologised after roadworks on the A146 caused significant disruption for commuters early this week.

Temporary traffic lights caused delays of more than half-an-hour on Monday night, as traffic queued back from the junction of the A146 with Mill Road and Back Lane, near Bergh Apton.

There were then further problems on Tuesday morning when the lights failed.

John Birchall, Norfolk county council spokesman, said that the work is to repair the path and that the intention had been to get it done as quickly as possible, using the traffic lights to control the traffic.

However, after the problems earlier this week the lights are now only used outside of peak hours.

Mr Birchall said: “We have changed our method of working and the lights are now down at 4pm, with no work done during peak times.

“This means that the work will take a little longer but the problems seem to have disappeared and we would like to apologise for the hold ups.”

No date has been given for the end of the works, but a sign on the road suggested it could take three weeks.