8 tricks to keep your car in mint condition

PUBLISHED: 11:18 27 May 2016 | UPDATED: 11:24 27 May 2016

Wilco's eight tips to keep your car just like new.

Wilco's eight tips to keep your car just like new.


SPONSORED: Just bought a new car? Loving that ‘new car smell’ and want to keep it looking like new? Well, Wilco knows how - and they have everything you need to keep your vehicle looking beautiful and driving perfectly!

What’s great about a new car? It’s everything! It’s how it looks, how it smells, how it sounds, how it feels. And of course, a ‘new car’ will sell for more than a banger. It has been said: ‘You can have one scratch on a new car, but more than three and it becomes an old banger’. So here are our top tips for keeping your car good as new – retaining its value and putting you ahead of the competition when you come to sell it.

Stay sparkling clean

Nothing says ‘new car’ like a clean car. And YOU know that because you remark upon it every time you get it cleaned. But there’s something more you can do: car polishes and wax protectors help keep bodywork clean and shiny after a carwash. There are a number of different types to suit different needs, so speak to someone like Wilco for advice on which to choose. It’s also worth washing your car after roads have been salted – rust is a car killer!

Avoid bangs and prangs

While this sounds obvious, there are simple things you can do to help you avoid little accidents. As well as making sure of things like safe stopping distances – especially in the wet - keeping your car safe is essential. Tyres are one of the most important aspects of this so regularly check your tyre tread and pressure. If you think you need your tyres checked, you can head to Fast-Fit for a free no-obligation check up. You may also consider installing a dashboard camera to support insurance claims for damage from incidents. Click here to read EDP’s article on Dashboard cameras.

Protect your doors

Are supermarket parking spaces getting smaller? It’s amazing how easy it is to pick up damage to the edge of your doors. And it’s not just the aesthetic aspects that make this important, damage to the edge can quickly expose the metal, which then rusts. The cost and time to get that sorted can quickly escalate, so simply protect those vulnerable edges with door trims. When you come to sell your car, you can whip them off, and voila! Sparkly as-new and undamaged door edges.

Maintain that ‘new car’ smell

New cars don’t smell like wet dog, old coffee cup or damp hoodie, but smells can quickly and easily build up when you use your car a lot. You can choose from a range of fresheners and order online from places like to maintain that ‘new car smell’. See their air fresheners range.

Dealing with scratches and scrapes

If you drive on motorways, drive close to a hedge to let another car pass or even park on the street you may well pick up superficial bodywork scratches from grit and bushes hitting the car or even pedestrians brushing passed while your parked. Don’t let these little marks build up, because before you know it, they’re everywhere! Scratch removal products like T-Cut can help Keep scratches at bay. You can also use clear paint - like Carlas Rubber Paint - to protect wheel trims, alloys, bumpers and bodywork from permanent damage.

Get extra carpets

Footwells receive more of a battering than any other area inside the car: stones, stains and sticky sweets – and general wear and tear. A great way to keep your interiors looking brand new is making sure you protect these frequently used areas with car mats. Wilco have a full range of car mats to suit most vehicle models that will help your car’s carpet stay clean and unworn – a great way of retaining your car’s value.

Protect your extremities

It’s easy to forget the parts of your car that ‘stick out’, but they’re invariably the most vulnerable to passing vehicles and pedestrians. If your wing mirrors don’t automatically retract, make sure you fold them in on both sides of your car whenever you park. It’s a good habit to get into and always heart breaking to have to look for your wing mirror in a hedge… so is receiving the bill for its replacement!

Cover your seats

Protect your back seats from muddy dogs and messy little spillers! Upholstery is expensive to replace and it’s often the first thing people look at when viewing a potential purchase, so protect your investment by stopping immovable stains - and chewing gum! Many people use a rug as a first line of defence, and some picnic rugs have a waterproof side. If you have leather seats, these can also start to wear and crack, so you may consider choosing a cover like those at WilcoDirect or giving your seats a little TLC with a leather sealant or protector.

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