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Queen Elizabeth II

10 famous comments that changed the world

Sometimes a few words speak loudest of all - when the Queen made her comment on today’s Scottish referendum, she did it succinctly in just nine words. STACIA BRIGGS finds out how small talk can make a big difference.

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After HMS Investigator became trapped in ice on the northern coast of Banks Island, Cresswell set off with a sledging party across the barren Arctic wastelands. They encountered HMS Phoenix which took them back to Scotland.

Norfolk man’s role in one of the greatest maritime mysteries

The discovery deep in the Arctic of Captain John Franklin’s doomed vessel has solved one of the greatest maritime mysteries. Mark Nicholls looks at the part played in the tale by a Norfolk mariner.

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Yarmouth Out There festival act,Silver Lining, in rehearsal at the Yarmouth Hippodrome.

Roll up, roll up for a weekend of circus fun at Great Yarmouth’s Out There festival

The stage has been set for this year’s Out There Festival which promises to be bigger, brasher, bolder and more bonkers than ever before.

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The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital will be the venue for a gourmet pop up restaurant raising funds for the oncology ward. The Lavender House and the Assembly House chef, Richard Hughes, left, and the NNUH head chef, Jon Batchelor, right, ready to serve up to John Church. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Norfolk and Norwich Hospital’s new gourmet pop up restaurant to raise funds for oncology ward

It’s not the first place you’d think of if you were looking for high-class hospitality and fine dining but the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is planning a very different kind of operation in its restaurant next month. STACIA BRIGGS finds out what’s popping up at the NNUH.

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