Stuck with nothing to do after Christmas Day? Then read Stephen Pullinger’s trusty guide

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1. Join the crowds who go seal pup watching at Horsey. Car park at Horsey Gap off the coastal road between Winterton and Sea Palling gives easy access. Nature’s very own free, open-air zoo makes for some inspiring sights of little and large.

2. Go for a stroll on the prom (Gorleston, Yarmouth, Cromer?) and let the bracing sea air clear your head from yesterday’s over-indulgence. If you have little ones, they can bring their new bikes with them.

3. Forget computer games and get the board games out for some afternoon entertainment. There is nothing like a game of Scrabble or Monopoly to bring the family together. Or my colleague’s suggestion, Cluedo: “Murder is better than buying houses.”

4. Head for the sales and spend your Christmas money on bargains that should be aplenty in the current economic climate - and maybe take back all those unwanted presents.

5. Have an outing to the local bottle bank and make room in your home by getting rid of that festive clutter of bottles reminding you just how much you have drunk over the holiday period.

6. If you missed out on the Christmas Day dip in Lowestoft, find one on Boxing Day. (Try Gorleston at 10am). It’ll certainly give you a festive glow and keep the conversation going when the strain of talking to long-lost relatives is beginning to tell.

7. If you are a man, plug in the ear phones (or retire to a quiet room or the garden shed) and listen to the Boxing Day sport while the children watch Happy Feet.

8. Spice up the holiday period by settling down and watching The Spice Girls’ Story: Viva Forever! on ITV. Bring back all those memories of the late 1990s.

9. Meet up with old friends in the pub and show off all your Christmas presents. It’s a good way to support your hard-pressed locals as well.

10. Find something new to do with the turkey leftovers - turkey tetrazzini (an American pasta dish), coronation turkey, turkey and cranberry pie etc etc.


  • NorfolkHawker...It appears that the Stocks have been reintroduced in Horsey for Stephen Pullinger, the residents are not happy !, the road blocked,residents being verbally abused by so called animal lovers trying to park their cars on the main road ( there is only room for a few cars in the so-called parking area ) Seal mothers being stressed out by all the attention being bought needlessly upon them, all very sad !!

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    Anne Marks

    Thursday, December 27, 2012

  • Ha ha and you yourself ran out of ideas after 1.

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    paul marris

    Wednesday, December 26, 2012

  • Oh Dear, Stephen Pullinger .... PLEASE do some research before writing such articles. The last thing that seal mothers with young babies need is the stress caused by hundreds of 'thrill seekers' invading their privacy. Horsey is not a 'open air zoo' - it is a natural area. If, however, readers cannot resist the temptation to visit, please keep at a safe distance from the seals so as not to cause them stress. Also, please keep dogs on leads, or better still, don't take them to that area at all. If in doubt, there should be volunteer wardens in the area to give advice.

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    Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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