In the latest in our guide to top 10s for Christmas, Kate Scotter asks Orchard Toys in Wymondham which games and puzzles they think will be featuring on children’s lists to Santa this Christmas.

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Three Little Pigs

This games challenges youngsters to help their three little pigs to build their houses before the big bad wolf tries to blow them down. They must look out for the big bad wolf who will huff and puff and blow your house down.


What a Performance

Can you pretend to be a monkey, make a noise like a firework or wiggle your ears? This all-action game of fun for all the family encourages youngsters to be a star and rise to the challenge.


Pop to the Shops

A fun shopping game which helps children learn about handling money and giving change. As they go around the board from shop to shop, they will get the chance to buy lots of different items with their plastic money.


Jungle Express

This colourful jigsaw invites youngsters to discover whos travelling on the Jungle Express by piecing together pieces of the puzzle.


Round and Round

The wheels on the bus go round and round all day long! Roll the dice, move around the town, stop at the bus stops to collect familiar items from the song The Wheels on the Bus. First to arrive back at the bus station with a full bus, is the winner.


Slug in a Jug

Three fun rhyming games in one box, play Slug in a Jug by collecting rhyming cards to make a silly sentence, or play Find the Rhyme or Rhyming Pairs.



A simple, but very exciting, addictive game to match colour, or quirky doodlebug character cards to the last card played. Players can see each others cards, so older players will be able to play more tactically.


Football game

Score the first goal to win the game! Youngsters will watch the ball pass backwards and forwards as they race to score the winning goal in this exciting game of football!


Giant Road Jigsaw

Young engineers in the making will love designing lots of different road layouts using the 20 chunky interchangeable puzzle pieces.


Rescue Squad

Choose one of the cheerful characters and make up their matching rescue vehicle.


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