Everyone loves a good gadget, and there’s no better time than Christmas to treat someone.

From a campfire that can recharge your mobile phone, to a stereo that can turn almost literally anything in your home into a speaker, in the latest in our Christmas top 10 series MARK SHIELDS picks out this year’s must-haves.

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KORG Kaossilator 2

Perfect for those creative souls who dream of being the next Calvin Harris, this musical doodler is a pocket-sized synthesizer with a touchpad instead of a keyboard. Its packed with sounds, beats and effects which you can loop to weave your masterpiece.



Touch screen gloves

Know a gadget addict who cant bear to pocket their phone or tablet even in the chill of winter? These hi-tech gloves mean they can keep their fingers toasty warm while texting or tapping away to their hearts content. Available in black and pink.



Philips Original Radio (ORD7100C)

Shops this Christmas will be full of docking stations and stereos for your iPod, iPhone and other MP3 player. The Philips Original Radio blends the minimalist look of a 1950s radio with the flexibility of having all your music at your fingertips - a classy and classic compromise.


Apple Stores

Polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera

The latest addition to the Polaroid instant digital camera line, the Z2300 allows you to capture, edit and print full colour prints - all in less than a minute. With the ability to upload the images to Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites, this model brings a classic camera right up to date.



BioLite camp stove

For the outdoorsy type who also cant live without their gadgets, this ingenious camp stove burns twigs and pine cones you pick up on your travels. They run a thermoelectric generator which operates a fan (delivering a more efficient fire with less smoke) and a USB charger to repower your phone, MP3 player or light.



Toshiba STOR.E Cloud

It may not look the most exciting gadget, but this 3TB hard disk drive is in fact your very own personal cloud storage system. You can back up all your files - music, films, photos or work documents - and access them anywhere in the world through any smart device including laptops, phones and tablets, on any operating system. Watch, listen or read anything, anywhere, with the added peace of mind of knowing exactly where your data is stored.

From £150


SoundBug 2

Despite their diminutive size, these mini portable wireless stereo speakers create a rich sound by turning surfaces within your home into speakers. You can place the the SoundBug2 on bookshelves, desktops or even partition walls, and connect them to your MP3 player up to 10m away to create truly all-round stereo sound.



Combat Creatures Attacknids

One that every boy - even those overgrown ones - will enjoy this Christmas. These remote-controlled robots can be pitched against each other, with spring-loaded armour for action-packed battles and a microchip within each to allow up to 40 to connect to play at once.



Scosche Rhythm

A lightweight pulse monitor that attaches to your forearm, the Scosche Rhythm can be controlled wirelessly through a smartphone or tablet application by Bluetooth, allowing you to keep track of your pulse, calories burned, distance, speed and pace, as well as streaming music from your device. You also get a personalised home page, route mapping and workout summary tailored to you. The ideal aid to burning off those mince pies in January.


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BlackBerry Porsche P9981

The ideal VIP gift for the man or woman who has everything, the Porsche P9981 delivers the ultimate in design, performance and style. With a forged stainless steel frame, hand-wrapped leather backplate, full-QWERTY keyboard and crystal-clear touch display combination, this is more than a phone, and counts Andy Murray, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian among its celebrity admirers.