Cocktails for Christmas at Vodka Revolution. Reporter Lucy Wright makes a Santa Baby cocktail under the watchful eye of cocktail master Scott Simpson. Picture: Denise Bradley

Top 10s for Christmas - Festive cocktails

Thursday, December 6, 2012
2.41 PM

From parties with friends to festive family gatherings at home, create Christmas inspired cocktails to get people into the seasonal spirit. In the latest in our guide to Top 10s for Christmas, Lucy Wright shows you how to shake up a storm behind the bar.

1. Santa Baby

Whether you have been naughty or nice this year get your Christmas party started with a glass of Santa Baby.

To start, half fill a glass with pineapple juice and a splash of lemonade. In a separate glass, add a shot of vodka, a shot of mango vodka, a splash of strawberry puree and shake and pour onto the juice and watch the festive colours collide.

2. Frappatini

Tis the season to feel tired. What with work, juggling a social calendar and visiting family, its easy to feel lethargic so sip a frappatini this Christmas for an instant boost.

Mix two shots of milk, a shot of baileys, a shot of coffee liqueur and a shot of sugar syrup. Pour into an ice cold glass and garnish with chocolate sprinkles and coffee beans for a pick-me-up this winter.

3. Hot voddy

Warm up this winter with a spicy hot voddy. This steaming surprise is a blend of hot apple juice, mixed spices and a comforting shot of honey liqueur. Dont forget a spicy cinnamon stick to give your drink an extra festive feel.

4. Glitterati

Christmas is the time to sparkle so add a twinkle to your glass with the glitterati. Mix a shot of elderflower liqueur (or elderflower cordial), a shot of rose liqueur (or syrup), top up with Blue Nun Sparkling Gold wine and garnish with orange zest spiral for a party perfect Christmas.

5. Vodka latte

Add a twist to your favourite hot tipple by adding a shot of creamy vodka. Choose from chocolate toffee, chocolate orange, caramel and hazelnut and white chocolate hot drinks to warm you up and give you a boost after a day of Christmas shopping.

6. Mulled martini

If youre trying to stop the pounds creeping on this yuletide but are worried about calorific cocktails, try a mulled martini.

Mix two shots of Weight Watchers Italian red grape and pomegranate cordial, a shot of Cointreau, a shot of vodka and two shots of orange juice to create a tasty cocktail. Add a pinch of spice for a festive feel.

7. Pitcher of mulled wine

Create the perfect party pitcher and add a twist to the Christmas classic mulled wine tipple.

Stir four shots of red wine, two shots of brandy, a shot of sugar syrup and two bottles of Zeo into a bowl. Add a handful of blueberries, a sliced lemon, a sliced orange and a cinnamon stick for a potent cocktail which will serve six to eight people.

8. John Crabbies Christmas Cracker

Whether youre driving, detoxing or keeping a clear head over Christmas, opt for a mocktail.

In a large saucepan, combine 330ml of John Crabbies Traditional Ginger Beer, a cinnamon stick, cloves and a chunk of fresh ginger. Simmer for three minutes and serve in mugs.

9. Tutti frutti

A sugary sweet mocktail is perfect for pregnant women and those who are choosing to banish the booze this year.

Shake two shots of cranberry juice, a shot of pineapple juice, a splash of lemon juice and top with soda water for a festive fruit explosion. Garnish with cranberries.

10. Virgin mojito

Create a Christmas cocktail which is packed with antioxidants to fight colds this winter.

Blend four shots of pomegranate and blueberry juice, half a shot of lime juice and half a shot of sugar cane liquid. Add crushed mint leaves and a splash of lemonade for a sparkling festive touch.