Top 10 comedy moments not to miss out on this Christmas

Christmas Day: The Perfect Morecambe and Wise Christmas Special BBC2, 2.30pm Christmas Day: The Perfect Morecambe and Wise Christmas Special BBC2, 2.30pm

Sunday, December 22, 2013
6:00 AM

Christmas is not complete without a fight over who gets their choice of programme on the television. Luckily Sophie Biddle’s Top 10 guide to the best comedy moments on the box this festive season will put an end to any bickering in the household.

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December 22nd: Madagascar BBC Three, 8.20pm.

This family favourite is sure to gather everyone together.You cannot help but love the cast of misfit animals. The animated film is bursting with comic moments. A particular favourite moment has to be Melman the giraffes head getting caught in a subway moments before Alex the lion is beaten up by a granny- kung-fu style.

December 23rd, Only Fools and Horses BBC1, 12.10pm.

Part one of two sees Del Boy speeding off on a jet ski on holiday. After attempting to show what us Brits can really do, he ends up miles out at sea!

Christmas Eve: The IT Crowd: The Fans Favourite Episode Channel 4, 11.05pm.

We are yet to find out the episode to be aired but there are a plenty to choose from. The best moments include Roy pulling the emergency cord instead of the flush chain in a disabled toilet and uber-nerd Moss sending an emergency email in event of a fire breaking out in the office.

Christmas Day: The Vicar of Dibley BBC 1, 11.25pm.

Dawn French is hilarious as the Vicar of Dibley in this episode where she takes the joy of Christmas gluttony a bit too far. Unable to choose which dinner to attend, she ends up eating three Christmas meals!

Christmas Day: The Perfect Morecambe and Wise Christmas Special BBC2, 2.30pm.

A culmination of the very best moments from Morecambe and Wises festive sketches. It features Morecambe fruitlessly trying to convince musician and composer Andre Previn he is a music maestro.

Boxing Day: Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo BBC2, 6.50am.

Dean Jones stars in this comedy sequel. In one of the funniest and most endearing moments the loveable but mischievous car wins a race for all the wrong reasons; to impress a fellow female motor vehicle.

December 29th : Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave BBC1, 1.15pm.

The classic animated short film is packed full of hilarious moments from the eccentric Wallace and his smart companion Gromit. One of the best sees Wallace putting an escaped sheep into his Knit-o-Matic and mistakenly causing his woolly coat being knitted into a jumper.

December 30th: Love Actually ITV2, 9pm.

This film is a festive romcom not to forget. Hugh Grant stars in the comedy that sees him dancing Prime Minister in 10 Downing Street to The Point Sisters Jump (For my Love).

New Years Eve: Hot Fuzz ITV2, 9pm.

Simon Pegg is Nicholas Angel a police officer in this British comedy. He deals with an uninspiring team encountering such dramatic incidences as an escaped swan. The hilarious comedy makes regular reference to Angels attachment to his peace lily companion.

New Years Day: Uncle Buck ITV 1.50pm.

A family comedy that features John Candy playing the often embarrassing yet wonderful uncle who attempts to look after his niece and nephew. One cringeworthy yet comic scene features Buck unable to stop mentioning the giant wart on the face of the Assistant Principle he is having a meeting with. She, unsurprisingly, is left unimpressed as he continually slips up.

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  • Well, I think the best comedy moment of the festive Season would be one that is from a newly made and original programme. Entirely sick of " ironic" retrospectives and passing off programmes made thirty or more years ago ( some of which were cheesy even then) and movies available for 99p on DVD as much loved favourites when it is pure penny pinching . The joke is on us, the licence payers.

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    Daisy Roots

    Sunday, December 22, 2013