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  • Now we wheeled out the Bishop, the PM and some local companies who benefit from a lot of public tenders, all say yes to 1000 jobs in two years time, well done you what an astonishing and absolute unrivalled achievement that would be, if it ever happens. Then there is NCC money, some 3.5 million to create well, over 300 apprenticeships, but no more than 400, paying companies to take on young people and teach them a trade that might have a future, or not, the latter is irrelevant as long as they pay taxes and are employed. Well Chloe, try this for future jobs, persuade the minority PM to create new revenue streams instead of placating fast train sets, a national recycling industry that has targets for all businesses and local authorities to achieve? We are talking about a 6-10 billion business of recycling resources, not burning them, monies that are currently not available. Recycling rare earth metals? its done on the continent! Enhanced landfill mining and reclamation of old landfill sites? its done on the continent. Having targets for industry to take up recycled materials? its done on...... So why not here? would this have anything to do with the 2.3 billion fraud in local and national Government? The existing legislation re: privatisation of the NHS should be repealed by the law lords, it has been carried out in secret and without publication of reports into it and some 40% of representatives having a vested interest in it, Tory or Labour, should resign. The problem are party politics, the establishment and an unchanged electoral system.

    ingo wagenknecht

    Tuesday, January 29, 2013