Online Puzzles & Games

Frontpage Puzzle

Try and complete our frontpage slider puzzle game.

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Dialling Codes

Can you decipher the code and discover the hidden message?

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A simple remake of the classic arcade tennis game.

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Why not play the game that ignited the market for mobile phone games.

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Drop a Block

Click the letters to make words before the grid fills up.

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Steer your ship through space and destroy the asteroids.

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Play a different sudoku game each day online.

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Football Volley

Play as your team and try and score a volley for them.

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Try our daily maths based teaser.

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See how many words you can find from the grid of nine letters.

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Space Invaders

A faithful re-creation of the classic 80's arcade shooter.

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Tic Tac Toe

Or Noughts and Crosses if you're English, is there anything simpler?

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