Norfolk family history

Who do you think you are? It's a question asked on TV by celebrities from Barbara Windsor to David Suchet, Bill Oddie to Stephen Fry.

But it matters to all of us. Where did we come from? Who are our ancestors? Is there something in them which we can recognise in ourselves?

Many hope to can reveal a hidden secret in our Norfolk family history. Is there a royal connection, a dark criminal forebear, or an illicit connection the family have kept concealed?

But for most of us it's more straightforward, a question of wanting to satisfy our curiousity about the stories passed on through the family about our Norfolk and Suffolk ancestry - did great cousin Fred's mother come from Ireland? And did grandma Alice's father really have a shoe shop in Cromer ?

Perhaps most of all, can we map out our Norfolk family history to pass on to our children?

One of the keys to unlocking the secrets of the past are the census returns, telling us who lived where, with whom, and what their ages and jobs were. And so as the new census takes place, inspiring interest in our past, we give you a comprehensive guide to finding out more.

Use the links on the right to discover how you can make the best use of the information available to reveal your Norfolk family history.

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