The heroes of Trafalgar

It is nearly two centuries since Norfolk-born Horatio Nelson earned his place in history with his victory and death at the Battle of Cape Trafalgar.

Nelson was born at Burnham Thorpe - he called it 'dear, dear, Burnham' - in 1758. In 1804 he wrote: "Most probably I shall never see dear, dear Burnham again, but I have satisfaction in thinking that my bones will probably be laid with my father's in the village that gave me birth. The thought of former days brings all my mother into my heart, which shows itself in my eyes."

Nelson once said: 'I am myself a Norfolk man... and glory in being so.' Many of those who fought and died with him were also from Norfolk.

The dead and wounded from the Battle of Trafalgar

Return of the Names of the Officers and Petty Officers, killed and wounded on board the Ships of the British Squadron, in the Action with the Combined Fleets of France and Spain, off Cape Trafalgar, on the 21st of October, 1805.


The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Nelson, K. B. Vice-Admiral of the White, Commander in Chief, &c. &c. &c.;
John Scott, Esq., Secretary;
Charles W Adair, Captain, Royal Marines;
Wun Ram, Lieutenant;
Robert Smith, and Alexander Palmer, Midshipmen;
Thomas Whipple, Captain's Clerk.

Royal Sovereign
Bruce Gilliland, Lieutenant;
William Chalmers, Master;
Robert Green, Second Lieutenant of the Royal Marines;
John Akenhead and Thomas Braund, Midshipmen.

Francis Roskruge, Lieutenant.

Simeon Busigny, Captain of the Royal Marines;
John Kingstone, Lieutenant of the Royal Marines;
Lewis Oades, Carpenter;
William Pitts, Midshipman.

George Duff, Captain;
Alexander Duff, Master's Mate;
Edmund Corlyn and Henry Morgan, Midshipmen.

John Cooke, First Captain;
Edward Ovetton, Master;
John Simmens, Midshipman.

Thomas Grier and Edward F. Brooks, Midshipmen.

Robert Lloyd & Wm. M. St George, Lieutentants.

Ebenezer Geall and John Woodwin, Lieutenants;
George Nin, Mindshipman.

Thomas Scriven, Master.

Francis John Mugg, Midshipman.

Thomas Simens, Lieutenant;
Williams Forster, Boatswain;
James Williamson, Midshipman.


John Pasco and G. Miller Bligh, Lieutenants;
Lewis B. Reevers and J.G. peake, Lieutenants of the Royal Marines;
William Rivers, (slightly), G. A. Westhall and Richard Bulkeley, Midshipmen;
John Georghehan, Agent Victualler's Clerk.

Royal Sovereign
J ohn Clavell and James Bashford, Lieutenants;
J ames Le Vesconte, Second Lieutenant of the Royal Marines;
William Watson, Master's Mate;
Gilbert Kennicott, Grenville Thompson, John Campbell & John Farrant, Midshipmen;
Isaac Wilkinson, Boatswain.

Stephen Trounce, Master;
William Grint, Midshipman.

James Mould, Lieutenant;
Samual J. Payne, Lieutenant of the Royal Marines;
John Brooks, Boatswain;
T.S. Prioe, Master's Mate;
John Eastman, Midshipman.

Hurrell, Captain's Clerk.

James L. Lloyd (slightly), Lieutenant;
Andrew McCullock and James Saffin, Midshipmen.

Edward Garrett and James Black, Lieutenants;
Thomas Cook, Master;
Thomas Norman, Second Captain of the Royal Marines;
John Yonge, George Gulren, William John Cook, John Jenkins and Aldfred Luckraft, Midshipmen.

James Wemys, Captain of the Royal Marines;
Thomas Robinson, Boatswain;
Edward Hartley, Master's Mate;
William N. Jewell, James Stone, Thomas Bant and George Pearson, Midshipmen.

James Robinson, Boatswain;
John Samuel Smith, Midshipman.

Robert Moorson, Captain (slightly);
Luke Brokenshaw, Master;
John Berry, Lieutenant;
Peter Lily, (slightly), Captain of the Royal Marines.

Thomas Wearing, Lieutenant of the Royal Marines;
Philip Mendel, Lieutenant of his Imperial Majesty's Navy, (both slightly).

J. W. Waton, Midshipman (slightly).

Sause, C. P. Cable, Midshipmen, (both slightly).

John Clerke, Boatswain;
Bellairs and Knapman, Midshipmen.

Matthew Hay, Acting Lieutenant;
J. Owen, First Lieutenant of the Royal Marines;
Andrew Gibson, Boatswain;
William Henry Person, and William Culfield, Master's Mates;
Samuel Jargo, Midshipman;
J. T. Hodge, Volunteer, First Class.

James N. Morris, Captain;
George Bulley, Lieutenant;
William Forster, Acting Lieutenant;
John Benson, Lieutenant of the Royal Marines;
Henry Milbanke, Master's Mate,
William Herringham, Frederick Thistlewayte, (slightly), Thomas G. Reece, Henry Snellgrove, Rawden, M'Lean, George Wharrie, Thim Renon, and George Denton, Midshipmen;
William Adamson, Boatswain.

Parkyns Prynn, (slightly) & Josias Bray, Lieutenants;
Pralms Westroppe, Captain of the Royal Marines;
William Leddon, Lieutenant of the Royal Marines;
George Pegge, Master's Mate;
William H Staines, and Wm. J. Snow, Midshipmen;
W. Smith Warren, Volunteer, First Class.

Alexander Bell Handcock, Midshipman.

John Snell, Master's Mate;
Alexander Galloway, Midshipman.

P. C. Durham, (slightly),
Captain; James Spratt, and Robert Browne,
Master's Mates; John Hodge, and Edmond Andrew Chapman, Midshipmen

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