Fiona Muller meets Jez Fredenburgh, marketing and development manager for Eye Film and Television who is currently working with City College Norwich to launch a new and innovative student-led production company.

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Why is it a good profession to get into?

I like working for Eye because it is a really creative industry to work in. In my job I get to work with lots of different people and to find out lots about different organisations. I always wanted to work in media and this is a job that I find challenging and rewarding on a day to day basis.

What does the work involve?

There is no such thing as an average day! Every day is different and because I work for a small company I have to be flexible. Last weekend, I was called away to help out on a film shoot in Prague so my role can be really exciting and can chop and change at a minutes notice. There are no quiet times in this role so it can feel quite stressful but I love to look forward and plan the next project.

I don’t have any formal training in this role but have worked in similar situations and have lots of work experience.

What are the positives/negatives of this profession?

I love the fact that my day can change at anytime. The positives are the fact that I can suddenly find myself on a film shoot or production but also the fact that I get involved in a real variety of projects. I have written scripts for promos, researched information on companies and find myself working with really interesting people. On the negative side the hours can be long and unpredictable and it can be very frustrating when you have worked long hours on a proposal only to have it rejected by a client.

Is there much local demand for people trained in this area?

Jobs in marketing are generally hard to get into. There is quite a lot of competition for roles but there are lots of companies in Norfolk and Norwich so there are ample places to look for employment.

I found it really hard to find work when I left university. In fact, this is my eighth job since I left university in 2009. I didn’t have any work experience when I left university and found that most posts I could apply for were short term contracts or internships. I built up experience by volunteering and working on internships. Indeed working for the Green Party in their press office was key to me – it was this that led me to get permanent work in this area.

What would employers look for in someone applying for a vacancy?

Employers are looking for people with communication skills, who are really organised and able to multi task. I also think that if you are working in marketing an interest in people and what they do is essential. I didn’t have a relevant qualification so I had to build up my qualifications through work experience and training. While I was working at the Green Party I went on a press office training course and I have been on several social media training courses.