Here is a look back at our archive of Norwich City v Wigan Athletic games ahead of their match Saturday 22 December at 3pm

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West Brom and Norwich are quite evenly matched in League records, though City have lost in three FA Cup matches to them over the years. Between 1977 and 1983 Norwich failed to win 10 League matches against West Brom on the trot.

Players for both clubs include John Deehan, Ruel Fox and Lee Marshall.

Our first match is from Division 2, 8th Feb 1975, when Norwich won 3-2, earning promotion at season’s end. Our second match, from Division 1, was played on 14th February 1981, with City this time losing 0-2 and being relegated at season’s end. Our third match, from Division 1, dates from 20th April 1996 and was a 2-2 draw.