Here is a look back at the EDP’s coverage of the 1987 storm from 23rd October 1987.

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Links still cut for 7000 users

Power is restored. Electricity engineers say they have broken the back of the massive storm repair programme in Norfolk.

But the estimated 7000 phone users still cut off in the area still face a long wait before they are reconnected.

About 30 electricity engineers from the Norwich area will today travel to other storm-hit counties to help out, confident that all but a few isolated faults have been repaired in Norfolk.

Distribution manager Len Bacon, responsible for electricity users in a 30-mile radius of Norwich, said: “Today, we will just be mopping up. We were pretty confident last night that just about everybody had their electricity back. We began the day with 1000 still cut off.”

He said the repair operation was now winding down and yesterday staff from other board areas who had been helping out in Norfolk, moved on to other areas.

They are to be joined today by the Norfolk engineers who will travel to other troublespots.

British Telecom spokesman in Norwich, Paula Graham, said engineers were still facing an uphill task to reconnect customers.

Steve and Rachel Girling have packed their bag and are preparing to fly off to the sun to escape from their blacked out home near Norwich.

The couple are flying to Israel, a holiday they had already planned, and are delighted they will leave behind the candles and meals cooked on a gas burner – the result of last week’s gale havoc.

We are glad to be getting away,” said Mr Girling at his Berph Apton cottage. They are the last people in the village to remain cut off despite power being restored to the village three days ago.