August 30 2016 Latest news:

Norfolk's Burning Issue

Flashback to protests over the incinerator. Photo by Adrian Judd.

Revealed: Norfolk County Council anxiety over unpublished report into axed incinerator

Former county coroner William Armstrong was approached to help revive a report into the scrapped Norfolk incinerator, but turned down the opportunity because of a string of concerns, it has emerged.

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The site where the incinerator was due to be built at Saddlebow. Picture: Ian Burt

Call for aborted review into Norfolk’s scrapped incinerator to be revived

An attempt is to be made to revive a report which was meant to examine the conduct of county councillors in relation to the axed Norfolk incinerator.

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The sun sets over Saddlebow, near the site of King's Lynn Incinerator. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Inquiry into canned Norfolk waste incinerator scheme is abandoned

An independent inquiry launched following the ill-fated waste incineration scheme in King’s Lynn has been abandoned, it has been confirmed.

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Flashback to 2013, when Labour's George Nobbs, Liberal Democrat James Joyce (left) and UKIP's Tony Coke (right) announce intentions for the leadership of Norfolk County Council. Photo: Steve Adams

How ‘rainbow alliance’ at Norfolk County Council faded away - and the Conservatives took control

Norfolk County Council returned to the control of the Tories on Monday after the alliance of Labour, UKIP and the Liberal Democrats lost support of the Greens. Dan Grimmer reports.

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Daniel Ford

Yarmouth man illegally collected household waste

A Great Yarmouth man has been fined for collecting household waste without a licence.

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