Rob Edwards, of East Bilney Coachworks in Norwich, is the first senior techanical, electrical and trim (MET) technician in the UK to pass using the new Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA) re-accreditation assessed outcome module option.

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Rob, 41, travelled 270 miles and about five hours to get to Cardiff and Vale College from Norwich to sit his re-accreditation.

He is currently working in the accident repair sector of the industry and has been working for family business, based in Norfolk, for about two years as a mechanic. He also covers all aspects of the MET role.

He said: “Having passed the re-accreditation I feel that I can carry my ATA card with pride. Customers know that a fully-qualified person is working on their car which will give them peace of mind that their car is being well looked after.”

The ATA MET route is intended for technicians whose job involves repairing vehicles involved in accidents or similar incidents. In the senior MET re-assessment, Rob had to complete four modules – supplementary restraint system scan tools, MET complex, vehicle electrical complex fault-fnding and four-wheel alignment interpretation of data. The modules assessed the competence of the candidate’s knowledge, skill and ability in tasks such as diagnosing a complex electrical fault, removing and refitting a vehicle’s exterior and interior trim without damaging the bodywork or its systems and interpreting data from a vehicle four-wheel alignment and geometry report.

Rob said: “The assessment involved in-depth tests on quite a few different aspects of the MET role. I found this to be a far better test for re-accreditation having already covered a lot of the ‘more basic’ tests on the original assessment some five years ago.”

Rob has worked in the motor industry for 25 years.

“I am very pleased to have been the first person to have passed the senior MET ATA re-accreditation and look forward to being the first person to pass their re-re-accreditation In three years’ time.”

After passing the assessments and online tests at Cardiff and Vale College, Rob sat one of the remaining online examinations at City College Norwich.




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