July 25 2017 Latest news:

Get Into Sport

Off the back of the success of London 2012, Active Norfolk have developed an Olympic-inspired Get Into Sport programme for adults of all ages which starts in October.

With sports such as handball, rowing, kayaking, archery, clay pigeon shooting, swimming, running and horse riding, there will be around 70 different courses available, with the hope of engaging over 700 people.

The courses are informal, fun and led by experienced instructors, at local clubs, and the main aim is to remove some of the common barriers people face when wanting to get into sport.

The programmes are run over 6 to 8 weeks and start from as little as £3.75 per week. New courses are being added all the time. For a full list of courses visit Active Norfolk.

If you would like a particular sport featured on this page, then please contact Emily Dixon at Emily.Dixon@archant.co.uk.

Please select a sport below:

  • Boxing
    • Amateur boxing, which is part of the Olympics, works on a point scoring system which measures the numbers of hits on an opponent rather than any physical damage. There are typically three rounds per match, which can range in length depending on ability. Clubs such as Attleborough Amateur Boxing Club offer sessions for both men and women from the age of 8, that improve their skills and builds up confidence.

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  • Canoeing
    • Canoeing can range from recreational to racing depending on preference and ability, and involves using a double ended paddle to move through the water. Racing can be in the form of marathon, slalom and sprint, and involve boats of up to four people. The canoeing practised at clubs such as Norwich Canoe Club can start at simply learning how to paddle to competitions, and is for all ages.

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  • Judo
    • Judo is a form of martial arts where two opponents aim to throw or takedown the other to the ground through a range of strikes and holds, and is competed through different weight levels. David Oates whose whole family takes part in judo competitions, runs the Kumo Judo Club in Lopham and offers a number of classes that cater for a number of different ages, sexes and abilities.

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  • Rowing
    • Rowing has the participant facing backwards in the boat and using a single blade oar to push the boat through the water. Rowing can be competed in singles, pairs, fours and eights, by a number of ages and abilities. Clubs such as Norwich Rowing Club offer a range of lessons starting at learning to row, working up to competing in teams.

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