Homes, school and link road plan for Gorleston

PUBLISHED: 10:29 09 December 2012

Aerial shot of Beacon Park showing planned development

Aerial shot of Beacon Park showing planned development

AN ambitious bid to add 1,000 homes, a school and a new link road at Gorleston is seeking public approval as the best way to guarantee prosperity and growth.

Under the masterplan Gorleston’s Beacon Park will see its employment zone double in size to benefit from the burgeoning energy sector, with the new homes spreading towards Bradwell and connected by an A12/A143 link road.

It will be phased in over 15 years but could start within two as planners admit they are keen to “crack on.”

Officials said this week that work behind the scenes was well advanced with developers showing a keen interest, and positive feedback from those already living there.

Local people are being offered their say as part of a consultation process which also seeks their views on long-standing plans to develop the waterfront at Cobholm, North Quay and Southtown Road - earmarked as an urban hub for shopping offices and housing.

An eye is also being cast over the borough for a site for 25 permanent traveller pitches while those at Gapton Hall are safeguarded.

David Glason, strategic planning manager at Great Yarmouth Borough Council, said Beacon Park was flourishing and could do better still.

“A lot of the work that we are doing is based on future projections. A lot of it has looked at the offshore energy sector to make sure we have enough land to serve our ambitions. Harfreys and Gapton Hall are bursting at the seams.

“We have done work on demographics and migration and what we are talking about is an identified need to plan for and cater for. If we don’t earmark sites for housing we will build up problems for the future. Given the constraints in the borough to do with flooding Beacon Park is quite obviously the place to go.

Mr Glason said the scheme would be delivered in phases over 15 years. But the intention, he added, was to crack on as quickly as possible.

“It is good news,” he said. “It is a project the council has wanted for a long time.”

The new 2km link road will connect the estate to the A143 south of Bradwell, at the notorious Belton crossroads which would be redesigned. The amount of employment land will be doubled by another 15 hectares. The site is the borough’s biggest allocation as it works to fulfil a quota of 300 units a year for the next 15 years.

It is considered ideal because it is close to the hospital and will deliver a new road and school as well as improvements to the blackspot crossroads where visibility is poor.

People have until December 21 to comment on the Local Plan- Core Strategy document.

To find out more call 01493 846226, email localplan@great-yarmouth.gov.uk.

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