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  • Ms. Dawson said: "First, farmer and growers in any sector are not afraid of any competitive challenge. We compete naturally every day, whether with our suppliers, our customers or just competing with the elements." Consumers will increasingly demand to know where products come from, some will make political decisions with their purchase, others will choose for freshness only and most will look for adequate pricing. But, our competing is subsidised with EU contributions, as farmers are not competing on a fair world market. Then her last point is " “Naturally, it will mean more imported produce, less choice for the consumer and ultimately high food prices." Our retailers are selling lots of goods that are imported, some subsidised others not, many still see the need to distort the meaning of fair trade and free trade, a problem is that our farmers are up against the wall, despite being subsidised in certain sectors. They cannot compete fairly with cheaper imports due to the differences in costs, so Ms Dawson should really argue for guaranteed retail quotas, some forms of limited protectionism.

    ingo wagenknecht

    Saturday, December 08, 2012

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