Norwich insurance firm’s legal row ‘ends amicably’

Motorplus is part of ULR insurance brokers in Whiffler Road, Norwich.
Photo: Bill Smith Motorplus is part of ULR insurance brokers in Whiffler Road, Norwich. Photo: Bill Smith

Monday, December 16, 2013
12:12 PM

A Norwich-based insurance firm has brought to a close a £7.67m legal row with two personal injury law firms following a wrangle over a referrals contract.

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Motorplus, part of ULR Additions, had been landed with a multi-million pound claim from MTA Corporate Solicitors and its sister company MTA Solicitors amid allegations that it had left invoices unpaid and failed to refer enough work to meet targets within its contract. But ULR Additions said an “amicable settlement” had now ended the High Court proceedings.

Rob Kay, chief executive of ULR Additions, said: “Despite both a lengthy and frustrating case for both parties, we are satisfied that the resolution is correct for both ULR Additions and MTA Solicitors. We can only move forwards learning from why such a case had arisen, strengthening us as a company and we are happy with the outcome.”

Meanwhile, David Green, managing partner of MTA solicitors and chief executive of MTA Corporate Solicitors, said: “It was unfortunate that an agreement could not be reached earlier; however, the resolution allows us to continue with our progression plans and we are satisfied that both parties can now do so positively, leaving this firmly behind us.”




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