Norwich airport boosted by survey

16:46 26 August 2014

Norwich International Airport. Photo: Steve Adams

Norwich International Airport. Photo: Steve Adams

The annual Which? Member survey of UK airports finds that small airports are, on average, providing a better experience than larger airports.

The survey rates airports on areas that matter the most to customers, including seating provision, distance to the boarding gates, and queues at security, passport control and baggage reclaim. Norwich International Airport managed to achieve a full five-star rating in five of the ten categories with an overall customer score of 72%.

The survey results show Norwich International is now rated ninth in the small airport category, which is an increase of one place from 2013.

Richard Pace, the airport’s Operations Director commented, “We are delighted with Norwich Airport’s performance in this year’s survey. The airport team is committed to making the airport experience an easier, speedier and less stressful one for all of our passengers and these results are testament to the hard work the airport has undertaken over the past few years to improve facilities at the airport.”

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  • Sorry but it's more Mickey Mouse than international. There would be more of a boost if they introduced competitive flights to places people wish to fly to, such as Alicante,Malaga at a competitive price and with flights available well in advance. If Flybe had not been too expensive, and months too late in publishing schedules they could have been a success. Nearest competitor is 90 miles away, so if there was a will there is certainly a good prospect of success. What we need is EasyJet. Let's hope Rigby have the vision which has been sadly lacking to date.

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    Union Jack

    Friday, August 29, 2014

  • Norwich Airport Had the opportunity to retain many of its scheduled flights while FLYBE were the prominent carrier, sadly thats now become a distant memory. Increased passenger numbers are mainly due to OFF SHORE helicopter movements and not scheduled routes to Uk and European destinations!!, when the summer holiday charters cease in september The Airport effectively dies with lack of activity and Aircraft movements until the following APRIL. Norwich Airport has a restricted Runway length which reduces Fuel upload, Passengers and destinations. Also the Terminal has become very scruffy and dated and certainly lacks appeal from the outside. A couple of years ago there was welcome new of the new AIR LIVERY DEVELOPMENT on the north side of the Airport which would have added prstige and offered more jobs to local people , but its not even mentioned!!, why?. Also there was approval for a new Engine Testing Area , but even thats not been built? Norwich Airport needs to improve its general image even down to RE-illumination the Holt road Airport sign and painting its equipment in a more attractive corporate scheme. More important An Airport wil attract more passangers if the incentive offered is there , The development fee, lack of services offered, high shop prices and choice does nothing to attract people. Norwich was recently bought by the RIGBY GROUP , So its hope that not in the too distant future there will be many forward thinking expansive improvements That the Airport needs to stay in business.

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    Friday, August 29, 2014

  • Congratulations Norwich City Airport - now we can look forward to the completion of the A11 dualling and the NDR, which will help boost passenger numbers and so encourage operators to open more routes. It all helps make Norwich a great choice for any business looking for a new location close to the European mainland - so encouraging more inward investment, boosting jobs and raising living standards. @HuwSayer

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    Huw Sayer

    Thursday, August 28, 2014

  • Well done! Still wish you'd get some Malaga flights!

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    Wednesday, August 27, 2014

  • malaga, flier I agree with your comment on Malaga, but as Norwich is at the end of the A11 and A47 the catchment unlike Southend is a bit limited

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    Wednesday, August 27, 2014

  • Norwich Airport is quick to congratulate itself but that doesn't mask its failure to develop into a genuine international airport, offering scheduled services to key European destinations. Rather than pat itself on the back, this report ought to be a wake-up call to the airport as it underlines the importance of regional airports. While the likes of Southend are setting the pace with truly international services, Norwich still lags far behind, five years after FlyBe pulled out of its popular flights to Alicante, Malaga and Dublin. I used to fly regularly on the Malaga service but now have to make the long haul down to Stansted. So of the hundreds of pounds I spend on flights, hotels, car hiretaxis etc, not a penny goes into the local coffers. Flying to Amstderdam and then on to Malaga is not an option either - far, far, too expensive and even worse, time-consuming. I was expecting more from the new owners but so far have been more than disappointed.

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    malaga flier

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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