Prime minister David Cameron is set to make a key note speech on Europe.

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But with mounting pressure from eurosceptics in the City to offer Britain “a clear choice” over its membership of the European, just what do businesses in this region think about EU membership?

Do the benefits of the single market outweigh the issues of EU rules and regulations for you - or is membership placing too much of a burden on your business?

We are planning a special report on the EU issue in EDP Business and want to hear from you

Does your business benefit from being a member of the EU?

Are you in favour of membership or against?

Post your comments here or contact business editor Shaun Lowthorpe via email or on 01603 772471


  • Another one of these shady polls that mean nothing, hence no comments here from the business community. The type's of Nigel Farrage dare not paint a picture of a Britain outside the EU, because the realities would be too stark and cost him a lot of support. What will our farmers fare without subsidy, what if Trade in the EU and holidays are subjected to extra taxation, cause we're out of it? The EU will change, so it is vital to work within, utterly daft to have a referendum on.... what exactly? negotiations are ongoing and Britain is the aircraft carrier for US EU interests, hence Obama's insistence to have us in. But that should not be the decisive factor. I very much hope that a discussion, based on realities as they exist, not bent bananas, can bring some factual valuable information to the electorate, this is 2013 after all.

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    ingo wagenknecht

    Thursday, January 17, 2013

  • Our trade with the EU is minimal in comparison with the £15,000,000 we pay DAILY to Brussels. For that £15,000,000 we pay daily we get overburdened with EU red tape and have so much restriction in trade rules that we don't really get our money's worth. Apart from the lack of democratic accountability, if we ran our business the way the EU did we would be up before the courts in no time. The accounts of the EU are so corrupt their own auditors haven't signed off the accounts for years. If non EU countries can do business with the EU without being restricted by EU regulation then so should we.

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    Thursday, January 17, 2013

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