Foster Property Maintenance bowled judges over with its strong commitment to sustainability in everything that it does.

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Judges said that what set this business apart was its truly comprehensive approach to sustain-ability, with active engagement in every possible element of efficiency, environmental protection and social value.

And they were very impressed, particularly with plans for the energy-skills training centre which will go ahead even if the government fails to back the scheme.

A solar PV installation on the roof of its headquarters in Wisbech was further proof that its commitment was both real and visible.

But there is also much more going on behind the scenes, particularly in terms of reducing vehicle fuel consumption, which is responsible for the bulk of their emissions.

The business is also working hard to engage with staff on sustainability and get them fully behind the company’s offering, with measures including lending them energy monitors to take home.

They have started a service for installing renewables for their clients and work to influence clients in making sustainable choices while plans for an energy skills training centre in the community complete the circle.

John Foster, managing director of Foster Property Maintenance, said: “Improving sustainability has been great for business and it’s certainly something which we intend to keep going in the future.

“Increased sustainability means increased profits and that means we have more to give back into the community.”

The other finalists were Windcrop, based in Honingham Thorpe, near Norwich, and Foster Refrigerator, based at King’s Lynn

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  • More backslapping, self promoting, rubbish with the same old companies getting awards, so the EDP can carry favour with them.

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    Thursday, November 15, 2012



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