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  • Seeing his UKIP ideals of leaving the EU, and turning away from EU subsidies that distort world trade, disappearing, Mr. Agnew now is lamenting about the uselessness of political blocks in the EU. If he feels so strongly why does he not resign andor encourage the UK Government to leave the EU. IF there is no change to the structure of the unelected Commission and or EU tax structure, the EU will lumber along as it is. Its the lack of will that has marked Britain's lack of participation in the EU, whilst it is perfectly fine with earning some 380+ billion each year from EU countries. The failed EU agenda relied and demanded a vested interest commission , banking directions and constant enlargement. It not the voters that failed but those who set out the parameters of influences in the EU, by sitting on the fence and taking the money.

    ingo wagenknecht

    Saturday, January 12, 2013

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