Cambridgeshire and Norfolk not hit by crop failure

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Parts of the Fens have been a blaze of orange this autumn, and it’s nothing to do with leaves changing colour.

Fields of pumpkins have been adding a splash of brightness to the landscape in readiness for the annual Halloween harvest.

Upwell farmers K.J. Cursons will be supplying supermarket chain Asda with over a million pumpkins alone.

Asda says that to keep up with increased customer demand for pumpkin carving, it is expecting to sell 30pc more pumpkins than in 2011 – over 1.3 million in total.

Chris Jones, of Asda’s produce team, said: “Despite bad weather affecting some pumpkin crops in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire it’s not been bad news across the country, with Cambridgeshire and Norfolk farms performing well.

“2012 has been a tough year for British farmers, but we’ve been fortunate with the weather in Cambridgeshire and have had a strong harvest with the pumpkins ready to go.”

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  • fenland used for growing a crop to celebrate a silly American custom? outrageous! how many of the 'pumpkins for carving' are subsequently used for cooking? anybody know? we've had Prof Tom Benton banging on (EDP Saturday October 27 2012) about 'farming East Anglia hard' for food crops... yet prime arable land is being used for this trivial purpose! time to return to the (wartime) days when the Man from the Ministry (of Ag) called round... harrumph

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    martin wallis

    Monday, October 29, 2012



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