A dairy farming family has installed three wind turbines to help power its North Tuddenham ice-cream factory in a bid to keep costs down as milk prices plummet.

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The Dann family, which has been farming in North Tuddenham for four generations, has had three small turbines installed by Norfolk-based company Windcrop Ltd at the dairy and Mowles Manor, one of the poultry sites.

These turbines are used to power the farm’s ice cream business, which the Danns set up in 2007. Mr Dann’s son Alex runs the dairy now where the milk can go from the cow to ice cream in under an hour.

Simon Dann, owner of Pound Farm, said: “It’s becoming increasingly difficult for dairy farmers to stay afloat.

“Retail milk prices are the lowest they’ve been for seven years and processors have forced further price cuts on thousands of dairy producers like us.

“Some farmers now get 5p a litre less than the milk costs to produce.

“We can’t continue to sell milk at a loss; we need to do everything we can to reduce costs and add value at our end.”

Mr Dann said the bills at the ice cream parlour had already gone down from £1,000 to £750 per month.

The family is now planning to install more wind turbines on the farm to further increase its electricity savings.




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